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Bad Breath – How To Deal With it Effectively

Are you nervous to be in close proximity to other people? And does the thought of having puckering up make you wilt? Sounds like bad breath has a firm negative hold on your life; and is making you anxious and anti-social as a result.

Here’s some good news – you’re not alone – bad breath is one of the number one complaints of adult dental patients and leaves people feeling embarrassed, withdrawn, and running to the drug store for the latest mouthwash.


Carstairs Dentists – Dr. J. Dhillon and H. Ng understand the social stigma bad breath can cause, and offer patients solutions for dealing with this old but very frustrating condition. First of all these General Dentists explain what causes bad breath – and what you can do to prevent it or improve the situation.

Bad breath – or halitosis – can be caused by several different factors ranging from poor oral hygiene, lifestyle choices like chewing tobacco or smoking, certain medical conditions and medications, and a condition called dry mouth (xerostomia). Having to take medication to keep a medical condition under control often can’t be avoided – so emphasis should be put in trying to keep the mouth as moist as possible as bad breath is usually due to over-drying – dehydration – of oral tissues.

Products like Biotene are made specifically to address dry mouth and target keeping oral tissues moist and healthy. Available at drug and grocery stores – Biotene is a good product to try if you think your bad breath is due to dry mouth caused by illness or medications.

At Carstairs Dental it’s not uncommon for patients to ask for solutions for breath issues – and when patients present with inflamed gums, plaque and calculus deposits, the first step is for the individual to have a thorough cleaning by a hygienist. Poor oral hygiene is the number one contributor to bad breath – and if neglected for an extended period of time a patient’s oral health can become compromised due to the lack of daily care and attention.

Daily brushing and flossing is the main player in the line of defence against poor oral hygiene. The daily action of brushing and flossing removes food particles and plaque – and prevents odour-causing bacteria to buildup on the tongue, in between teeth, and on tooth surfaces. This simple and effective step in a patient’s home care goes a long way in keeping a mouth healthy – and odor free.

Follow our blog in the coming weeks to discover other causes of bad breath and what you can do to prevent it. For more information on dental cleanings, oral health and bad breath – contact Carstairs Dental today -587-317-4388

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