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                                                                                              Bringing Teeth Together With “Orthodontic Braces”

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award winning Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Award Winning Dentist in Carstairs

award winning Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Here’s What Some Satisfied Patients Have to Say

Tilly Kieneker
Tilly Kieneker
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I just got my wisdom teeth pulled. It was a much better experience then I expected. . Everyone was aware of how worried I was and they made my visit better then I could have imagined. The dentists are informative, and friendly, and very gentle when doing procedures, they have great bedside manner. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a calm, friendly experience. Thanks for all that you do! You have a great team.
Taylor Vogel
Taylor Vogel
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Just had my cleaning done today by Danielle. Very thorough at what she does!! Wouldn’t see anyone else - she’s a rad human too! Had my X-rays and exam done before my cleaning with the doc and his lovely assistant - quick and efficient- much appreciated 🙂 My 3.5 year old also had her cleaning and checkup done recently, again with Danielle and she asks me when she gets to go back! Front end ladies always nice and personable.
Amanda Herbert
Amanda Herbert
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I struggle with very high anxiety at dental offices. Usually tear up and shake uncontrollably, so I bring in my Essential oils. The dental staff, and dentist were so understanding, patient and kind with me. They even all stopped and just took some deep breathes with me breathing in some Peace & Calming! Such a great group!!
FarmLife Alberta
FarmLife Alberta
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I highly recommend Carstairs Dental. I reached this age and I never liked going to the dentist, it gives me a crazy amount of anxiety. However, that perspective change yesterday. I was in pain and Rose made sure I am comfortable and helped me overcome my anxiety and calmed me down. Dr. Nijjar is very nice, gentle and the procedure was painless.
Faye Thompson
Faye Thompson
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Fantastic service! Dr Herman did a wonderful job on my filling. Very much at ease with this dentist! Hygienist was just great! Thank you! I have no reservations about coming back to visit!😁
Amanda Riekert
Amanda Riekert
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Absolutely amazing experience with my 7 year old. Dr nijjar was so gentle with my daughter she had no idea he had given her needles at all. Stacey was also super helpful in calming my daughter and keeping her distracted. Super awesome team and we will be back!

                                                                                                                 Why to Select Dentists in Carstairs?

Location – Our location is easily accessible for people who live nearby.

Customer -Centric Service – Customer -centric Service – Our staff always provide the customized highest quality service

Easy Billing to Insurance – We do help our patients with every paperwork possible so that they can receive the money required for treatment from their insurance.

Maintain Hygiene – All the instruments used are highly sterilized to avoid spread of any sort of infection or viruses.

Wide Array of Dental Care – Here at Carstairs Dental, one can avail various dental services under the same roof. We also have all the modern appliances and equipment which are required to meet the ever-changing oral needs of your entire family.

It is our pleasure to let you know that the Orthodontics in Carstairs Dental Clinic are adept at successfully guiding our patients throughout the journey, from the very moment they step into the clinic till achieving the set of teeth they desire. We provide every kind of dental orthodontic brace services which can be required to meet your needs.

We are waiting to serve you with the best assistance possible. Get rid of all your hesitation and embark on the journey of getting a beautiful smile.

Are You a Good Candidate for Orthodontic Braces?

bonded fillings Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Crooked Or Overcrowded Teeth

Excessive Space In Between Two Teeth Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Excessive Space In Between Two Teeth

Bite Is Misaligned Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Bite Is Misaligned

Misaligned Jaw Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Misaligned Jaw

Missing Or Extra Teeth Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Missing Or Extra Teeth

Migraine Pain Prevention Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Overbite Or Underbite

Jaws And Teeth Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Jaws And Teeth Are Out Of Proportion To The Rest Of The Face

Early, Late, Or Irregular Loss Of Baby Teeth

Early, Late, Or Irregular Loss Of Baby Teeth

Adult Teeth Came In Late Or Delayed

Adult Teeth Came In Late Or Delayed

tmj therapy Dentist Carstairs Dental Alberta

Teeth That Meet Abnormally Or Not At All

Bringing Teeth Together With Orthodontic Braces

Bringing teeth together With "Orthodontic Braces"

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