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Crowns may suit you if dental fillings are not enough to fix the damage or fracture on your teeth.

Crowns are used to cover your entire tooth surface to restore its natural shape and size. Like bridges, there are several materials that can be used for a crown. The most common of which is porcelain due to its likeness to the natural tooth colour.

When getting a crown, your dentist will first create a mold for you. This mold will be delivered to the dental laboratory where the permanent crown will be fabricated. You will also be provided with a temporary crown.

On your next visit, the dentist will prepare your tooth for the permanent crown. This involves removing the temporary crown and getting rid of any decay left on the tooth surfaces. The crown is then put in place and your dentist does final check to ensure it fits properly.

Crowns are durable and can last for a long time. However, as with any other dental restorations, they can wear after many years of use. To make the crown last, it is important to ensure regular brushing and flossing. Avoiding hard-to-chew food is as well recommended to prevent the crown from getting damaged.


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