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Orthodontic Care at Carstairs Dental

Orthodontic Braces in Carstairs Dental

Our previous blog spoke about the many advantages that Invisalign Clear Retainers provide patients who want to straighten their teeth.  Though suitable for both adult and teen patients; Invisalign isn’t always offered to every patient, as sometimes the use of an orthodontic bracketing system is the better method for correcting bite and tooth issues.

General Dentists at Carstairs Dental acknowledge the uniqueness of each smile and focus on addressing dental health concerns with methods that best serve the patient.  Providing more than one orthodontic system allows this group of dentists to confidently treat all patients and create beautiful smiles.


Damon Braces is an orthodontic system that straightens teeth using tooth-coloured brackets and ultra-fine wires that provide an esthetically pleasing look and precise tooth movement and case results.

Designed by an orthodontist; Damon Braces has been making patients smile around the world thanks to the elastic-free, ‘sliding-door’ technology, that makes Damon Braces not only unique but one of the most comfortable orthodontic systems available today.

With traditional orthodontic treatment, the wire is tied into the bracket to create a force to move teeth – and the use of elastics adds additional force to teeth to encourage specific movement.  However, Dr Dwight Damon’s research revealed that bone and tissue (gums) did not always respond favourably to this amount of force and that teeth actually moved faster and with less discomfort when force is reduced.

Interestingly Damon Braces puts 500 to 600 times less pressure on teeth thanks to the use of self-ligating wires and brackets that are designed to allow the orthodontic wire to slide.  When less force is applied gum and bone inflammation is reduced; which translates to faster, easier, and more comfortable treatment.

Carstairs Dentists put time and energy into selecting orthodontic methods and systems that provide amazing treatment results and increase a patient’s level of comfort and compliance.

What’s the point in having a fast car that everyone finds super uncomfortable to ride in?  That’s the rationale behind Damon Braces – so they focus on creating technology that provides efficient treatment times but without sacrificing patient needs of ease of wear and comfort.

And if you’re thinking that orthodontic brackets and wires mean ‘metal mouth’ – think again.  Damon Braces use tooth-coloured brackets that literally blend with natural teeth – making them a subtle but effective way to straighten teeth and make people smile.

If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, or have a family member who would benefit from orthodontic care – contact Carstairs Dental today at 587-317-4388.

Schedule your appointment today with Carstairs Dental for an Invisalign consultation. With a customised treatment plan, you can see how this unique dental solution can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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