Going away for the holiday? Don’t forget to bring your dental care routine with you.

Our mouth works hard every single day, regardless the occasion. To ensure it functions properly, it’s crucial that you protect it from potential harm. How do you do so if you’re far from home? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some simple tips to ensure your mouth has a great holiday season too!

1. Bring water with you

Invest in reusable drinking containers and whenever possible, make sure to bring your own water with you. If you can have your bottle refilled from a safe source before going out on a tour, do so.

This will not only prevent you from resorting to sugary drinks, this will also help you protect your overall health. This is especially the case if you’re travelling to developing countries where potable water may not be always available.


2. Eat a balanced diet

The amount of sweet treats available during the holidays usually increases exponentially. Try to limit your intake. Limiting the intake for children will not only be better for their teeth but may be better for the parents as well. Sweets may make the little ones even more energetic and bouncy than they already are.

Drinking water after having anything sweet will help remove the sugary residue from the mouth. Even when you’re on the road, make it a point to teach the little ones to enjoy healthier snack options.

Fruits such as strawberries and blackberries are tasty and low in sugar. They’re also good for adding to your smoothies. Carrots, broccoli, and cheese cubes are also good for the teeth. Try to switch the typical sweet treats with these choices when you can.

3. Start and end the day cleaning your mouth

Keep a dental care pack handy. You may be on the road for hours or stuck in a place where dental care tools are not easily accessible.

Don’t forget to bring dental floss with you too. Food debris may squeeze itself between teeth and you’ll want to remove them as soon as you can to starve harmful bacteria.

Don’t go to sleep without cleaning your mouth. And make it a habit to include your tongue too, as bacteria can also breed on its surface.

4. Take note of dental emergency tips

A dental emergency may get worse when not treated the right way. A dental clinic may not be easily accessible where you are so it pays to know how to respond to urgent situations.

The absence of wounds, pain, or swelling isn’t always a guarantee everything’s fine. If you are able to get to a dental professional, the sooner, the better.

If you applied for travel insurance, you may want to contact your provider ahead of time. Ask about dental care offices they can recommend in the area you are travelling to.

5. Finally, see your dentist in Carstairs before leaving

Let your dentist know you’re travelling especially if you have previously received dental treatment. Inquire about the best way you can talk to them should you have any concerns.

No matter where you go, don’t take dental care for granted. The farther you are from home and your dentist, the more you need to be careful so you can avoid dental issues.

Travelling during the holiday season is fun for the whole family and you’ll enjoy it even more if you’re free from any dental issues.

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