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Dental Implants: Benefits, Types & Definition

Modern technology has made it possible to resolve all your issues related to missing teeth.  Your Carstairs dentist will provide you several treatment options to deal with it. Dental implants are the most popular among all of them. These implants can replace the infected tooth and act as a solid source of foundation for your teeth. Our dentists in Carstairs have addressed all your dental implant-related queries in this blog. Keep reading to find out more!


What Are Dental Implants?

We need to have a clear understanding of what are dental implants before jumping into the other details. These implants resemble your natural tooth root and can replace the entire root structure of your teeth. Through a simple dental surgery, your dentist in Carstairs will fix them to your jawbone. The crowns are placed on top of this. Over time, your dental implants will naturally integrate and become a part of your jawbone.

Types Of Dental Implants

We hope you now know what dental implants are. There are two types of dental implants available in the market.

  • Endosteal Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are most commonly used and are made of titanium. They are surgically fitted inside your jawbone. Subperiosteal implants, on the other hand, are placed under the gum. However, it is best to consult your Carstairs dentist to determine which implant best suits your dental needs.

Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

It is advisable to not allow the dental implant cost to be a hindrance. There are several benefits associated with them. Your favorite dentist in Carstairs has listed some of them below for easier understanding.

No Bone Loss

The gap left by your missing tooth can lead to serious jaw bone deterioration. The volume of the bone continues to shrink rapidly if an implant is not placed sooner. These dental implants replace your missing teeth and also improve their functionality. It helps restore your ability to chew and stimulates bone growth as well. This not only helps to prevent bone loss but provides additional strength.

Provides Support To The Adjacent Teeth

When a tooth is extracted it affects the surrounding teeth as well. The adjacent teeth shift towards the empty space which could lead to a crowded mouth. Other than affecting your appearance, this issue also hampers your bite alignment and causes other dental problems. It could get difficult to replace your missing teeth in the future. A simple implant procedure, on the other hand, can help prevent all these issues. 

Resembles Your Original Teeth

A healthy smile can improve your self-esteem considerably. With these implants, you can be assured that you will never lose that healthy smile. Implants are designed to look exactly like your natural teeth and they feel like them as well. Forget your worries and go back to your daily life with your restored chewing power and self-confidence. Implants can be our best friend and you must bid adieu to all your fears about dental implant costs.

Long-lasting Solution

Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime. These implants are made of biocompatible materials and are non-toxic in nature. You won’t experience any complications in your body once these are fused to your jawbone. You won’t need to invest in any special cleansing solutions to maintain these. Just brush and floss regularly and you are guaranteed to enjoy them for a lifetime.

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We hope this blog has helped you to gain better knowledge. Book an appointment with us at Carstairs Dental for the best dental implants in Carstairs, AB.