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Dental Implants – Worth The Investment

Nothing is more depressing than the thought of losing an adult tooth.  Though baby teeth (primary teeth) are replaced by adult dentition – when it comes to an appropriate treatment plan to deal with the loss of an adult tooth (or teeth) – decisions need to be made.  Carstairs and Calgary Dentists at Carstairs Dental take the time to explain all viable treatment solutions to adult patients faced with replacing a permanent tooth.  Acknowledging that resources of time and money will be invested in the chosen treatment plan – careful consideration is given to providing options that will best serve the patient, both in the short and long term.


Dental Implants are no longer considered a treatment option reserved for ‘special cases.  Today, more and more patients are selecting this alternative for replacing missing teeth – as advances in technology and case suitability are enabling patients with a range of treatment needs to benefit from the advantages dental implants offer.  General Dentists in Calgary and Carstairs – Dr’s Dhillon, Ng and Bhullar are excited to explore with patients the benefits that a fixed replacement option provides.

A Dental Implant is a fixed option for replacing a tooth artificially.  The implant itself mimics the root of the tooth and is placed in the jaw bone with an attachment that will allow a Calgary Dentist to attach a crown – so creating a complete tooth.  Implants are usually made from titanium and are easily accepted by the human body.  A Periodontist, Oral Surgeon, or General Dentist who is certified to place implants makes the diagnosis of suitability with the use of x-rays.

Once it has been established that the environment qualifies for long-term success, an implant is placed into the bone of the jaw (either upper or lower) – and integration and healing begins.  The healing and integration of the implant require the patient to wait a few months before the final crown is placed.  If you’re hoping to have a new smile for a special event – keep the timing in mind as it can take up to three months or more for the entire process to be completed.

The advantages of dental implants are numerous – from permanently replacing teeth, to restoring tissues of the mouth and providing superior anchorage for an appliance (denture) to attach to, and most importantly restoring a patient’s confidence with a new smile – dental implants are a safe, proven, and effective method for replacing individual or several teeth that patients thought were gone for good.

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