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Dental Veneers in Carstairs Dental Alberta

Dental Veneers: Definition & Maintenance

Most of us desire to have a perfect smile and perfectly aligned teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has advanced to the point where it is now possible to fix and enhance the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers are one such item that can be used to hide staining, chipped teeth, and other flaws that lower your self-esteem. Their usage is painless and they will also boost your confidence up a notch. Your dental veneers need proper maintenance and cleaning just like other dental appliances. Our dentists at Carstairs Dental will provide you with the necessary information about these veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Before jumping into the other sections, let us first find out what dental veneers are. These are essentially thin strips that are bonded to the front of your teeth to conceal any disfigurement. They are a form of a cosmetic dental procedure and are typically composed of porcelain or composite materials. They are permanently bonded to your teeth and are very stable and sturdy. What are you waiting for? Consult your favorite Carstairs dentist and get these veneers today!


How To Take Care Of Dental Veneers?

Now that we have a clear understanding of dental veneers, let us find out how to take care of them. Poorly maintained dental veneers can harm your oral hygiene, making you vulnerable to bacterial infection and, in some cases, tooth extraction. Certain guidelines are provided below by your favorite Carstairs dentist to help you care for them and increase their longevity. 

Reduce Consumption of Food That Can Stain

There are numerous foods and beverages that can stain your teeth. They can also stain the corners of your veneers, turning them yellow and ruining your entire appearance. The veneer bonding glue could also be soiled. As a result, you should limit your intake of stain-causing beverages and foods. Even if you consume them, just rinse your mouth thoroughly and you are good to go.

A Good Oral Care Routine

A good oral care routine is key to the proper maintenance of your teeth as well as your dental devices. Brush and floss regularly. Rinse your mouth after every meal and use antibacterial mouthwashes. Lack of proper oral care can lead to several oral health issues such as root canal infections and periodontal disease. This in turn exposes the borders of your veneers and increases chances of detachment.

Avoid Chewing On Hard Items

After having a veneer placed, you must stop using your teeth as a bottle opener. Be careful and avoid biting on ice, fingernails, pens, pencils, and other hard objects. It has the potential to damage or chip your veneer. If you face any issues then get it checked by your Carstairs dentist.

Follow-Up With Your Dentist

After using dental veneers you must return to the dentist for an evaluation. Your mouth and gum tissues will be closely examined for any signs of infection. You must notify your dentist in Carstairs as soon as you notice any pain or discomfort. It could be due to the quality of your dental veneers, and a proper inspection could address the issue before it worsens.

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We hope this blog helps you to address your concerns related to veneers. Looking for the best dental veneer service in Carstairs, AB? Get in touch with us at Carstairs Dental and enjoy premium quality dental care.