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Why Dental X-rays Are Needed

Dental X-rays are a vital part of a dental examination as they allow your Carstairs Dentist to diagnose hidden decay, cysts, tumours, and dental abscesses.  With today’s advances in digital technology, dental x-rays have never been easier to capture – and exposure to radiation has been significantly reduced, making this procedure safe and advantageous in the accurate diagnosis of dental health issues.

Dentists at Carstairs Dental acknowledge patients’ hesitation in agreeing to x-rays due to the risk of unnecessary exposure to radiation – it’s a genuine concern that needs to be addressed and handled in a manner that respects the patient’s concerns but does not jeopardize their dental health.


Total avoidance of dental x-rays can cause bigger dental health issues due to decay, growth, and infection going undetected.  During a dental exam, your dentist evaluates the health of teeth based on what he or she can see with the naked eye, but they are unable to tell what is going on inside a tooth and below the gum line.

The value in taking a dental x-ray is that it allows your dentist to see hidden issues such as decay and infection and enables your dentist in Carstairs to make a complete and accurate treatment diagnosis.  If you and your dentist are discussing treatment options an x-ray can help establish if certain options are viable (adequate bone level for an implant) and help in establishing a treatment plan that will best serve you.

Dental X-rays are an important tool in determining the health of teeth and in creating an effective treatment plan – but the frequency that x-rays are taken is something that should be discussed with your dentist and the dental team.  X-ray frequency takes your past, present, and future risk of dental disease into consideration and is always established with your optimal dental health in mind.

Dentists at Carstairs Dental want patients to feel relaxed and comfortable when discussing treatment options and dental health concerns. 

If you have been avoiding seeing the dentist due to concern regarding the frequency of dental x-rays – contact Carstairs Dental today – this team of Dentists and Dental Professionals are happy to discuss your concerns and put together a plan than meets the demands of your dental health.  Call today 587-317-4388

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