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Getting to Know the Professional Dental Hygienist

Apart from the dentist, you’ll also meet dental hygienists as you visit the dental office.

What is a dental hygienist?
Registered dental hygienists work together with the rest of the team to guide patients on preventive care and correct dental home care. They show you how you can keep your teeth and gums in perfect shape and how you can prevent dental issues from coming up. They also provide professional cleaning that can remove plaque and tartar that is not removed with regular brushing.

Why do I need to see a registered dental hygienist?
While you commit to your regular dental hygiene routine, you still need your teeth to be professionally cleaned to ensure that plaque and tartar are properly removed. Sometimes, it’s possible for the teeth to pick up tartar due to food debris left that brushing and flossing alone couldn’t remove.

Hence, it’s important to still see a hygienist. Apart from professional teeth cleaning, they can also guide you on proper brushing techniques. You may be surprised that your brushing technique may be harming more than helping your mouth.

The hygienist also educates patients on foods that are friendly to the teeth and how you can improve your daily habits to keep tooth decay at bay. While it sounds as though hygienists fulfill the same responsibility for every one, they make sure that every treatment is individualised.

Is there anything else the dental hygienist could help me with?
Dental x-rays may also be taken with the help of a dental hygienist under the supervision of your dentist. Dentists and hygienists work together to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and strong. Some cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, may also be performed by the hygienist. The hygienist can also take care of applying fluoride to fight against tooth decay.

Do all dental offices in Carstairs have a hygienist?
Not all dental offices have a hygienist on the team. Here at Carstairs Dental, we have amazing dental hygienists taking care of our patients.

Is professional dental cleaning painful?
Professional dental cleaning is usually pain-free, but you can always tell your dentist if you don’t feel comfortable receiving this treatment. The team may suggest a topical anaesthetic and in case you still feel anxiety, they can also recommend the use of sedation dentistry.

Curious about the cost of professional hygiene services in Carstairs, Alberta? Contact us at (587) 317-4388. No obligation to proceed with the treatment. Let’s help you answer any questions you have first about dental cleaning or tooth scaling and polishing.

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