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Migraine Treatment at Carstairs Dental

There’s no hiding the fact that Migraine pain can be bad – leaving a person unable to get out of bed, go to work or school, and face routine daily chores.  Often triggered by a range of stimulants from food, noise, environmental pollutants or physiological conditions – Migraine sufferers invariably have to turn to pain medication to control the discomfort.

Dentists at Carstairs Dental provide another solution to patients who live with Migraine Headaches – Bite or Occlusal Splint Therapy which helps to relax facial muscles and ease the tension associated with migraine pain.

Carstairs Dentists understand that pain relief can be hard for some Migraine sufferers to attain as medications may cause the stomach to become irritated and/or they render a person unable to drive or work, so are not taken frequently.  As Migraine Headaches or Tension Headaches are caused or made worse by clenching and grinding – the use of a splint not only helps with pain control but in prevents or reduces further occurrences.


Migraine Headaches and Clenching and Grinding of teeth often go hand-in-hand as one may trigger the other.  Dental patients who Grind and/or Clench their teeth create an incredible amount of tension in the facial and jaw muscles leading to muscle spasms and headaches.  A patient may not realize that they are clenching and grinding until a dentist points out the signs of wear on teeth and dentistry – and the dots are joined indicating the link between dental health and Migraine or Tension Headaches.

Dr. Bhullar, Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Ng of Carstairs Dental are experienced in helping patients, who are struggling to get relief from headaches, understand the connection between their clenching and grinding and bouts of headaches.

Using stabilization splint therapy to help restore balance to a patient’s bite and reduce muscle tension and spasms – Carstairs Dentists are able to significantly reduce the number of headaches and other discomfort patients experience – so restoring health and vitality while protecting teeth and dentistry.  Stabilization splints are comfortable to wear as they don’t trigger a gag reflex, reduce muscle tension by 70%, and enable a Migraine sufferer to have a good night’s sleep.

You don’t have to suffer from Migraine or Tension Headaches – contact Carstairs Dental today and discover just how easy it is to smile again – 587-317-4388

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