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Orthodontic Care at Carstairs Dental

If you have been considering straightening your teeth, but are unsure where to begin, now is the time for a consultation with a General Dentist at Carstairs Dental.  Creating beautiful, healthy smiles is something Dr H. Ng and Dr. J. Dhillon take seriously and strive to provide patients with treatment solutions that will achieve the best possible result in a timely, affordable manner.

Carstairs Dental offers orthodontic care and rely on the proven methods of Invisalign and the Damon Orthodontic System.  Damon Brackets were created by an orthodontist – Dr. Dwight Damon – so were designed with patient comfort and busy lifestyles in mind, while still ensuring that treatment goals are achieved.


Damon’s passive bracket system allows the archwires to gently slide, applying gentle force to teeth that need to be moved.  This gentle, passive action means that minimal inflammation is created – which translates to less discomfort as the body is able to focus on moving teeth and rebuilding bone rather than dealing with inflamed tissues.

Some studies have revealed that the low force, minimal friction design of Damon Orthodontic Brackets, may translate to a more efficient treatment design and overall treatment time.

Appointments with your Dentist in Carstairs during orthodontic treatment are kept to as few as possible throughout treatment and are usually needed only for archwire changes.

Invisalign is also offered at Carstairs Dental and has provided a great opportunity for patients to straighten their teeth without having to wear orthodontic brackets, wires and elasticsInvisalign’s clear retainers are barely visible so become a viable option for adult patients with a busy work and social life, but also for teenagers who are hoping to achieve a great smile without wearing traditional braces.

It’s important to note that an orthodontic system is recommended based on treatment needs – not esthetic or lifestyle demands.  Invisalign is not for everyone and may be used as part of an orthodontic case, i.e. after a patient has worn orthodontic brackets; when mild correction is required and can be achieved with Invisalign’s Clear Retainers.

Patients who are suitable candidates to wear Invisalign can attest that the retainers are easy to wear and can be removed at mealtimes and during sports activities when a custom sports guard is required.  The smooth retainers have been made from a 3D Image and customized to a patient’s unique bite and treatment requirements.

Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of retainers – each set is worn for approximately six weeks and then switched out for the next set in the treatment sequence.  Treatment continues until the desired results have been achieved – with the average Invisalign case taking approximately twelve to eighteen months.

If you have been considering orthodontic treatment and would like more information regarding teeth straightening options – contact Carstairs Dental today – 587-317-4388.

All procedures are performed by General Dentists in Carstairs Dental. Schedule your appointment today with Carstairs Dental for an Invisalign consultation. With a customised treatment plan, you can see how this unique dental solution can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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