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Tooth Disorders Treatment at Carstairs Dental Clinic Alberta

Rare Tooth Disorders

What Are Tooth Disorders?

Dental disorders range from mild to severe, and even include malignant tumors of the teeth and oral cancers. Some tooth disorders can be hereditary, while others may occur randomly. If you are suffering from a tooth disorder, visit a dentist in Carstairs who can help you find a solution.

Types Of Tooth Disorders

  1. Tooth Decay – also known as dental caries, tooth decay is a condition in which the teeth are damaged by acids that are produced by bacteria that live in dental plaque. Dental caries can be treated by removing the decay and filling the gap with a composite resin material.
  2. Abscess – this is an infection caused by bacteria that can be found under the gum line. A root canal may be the best treatment for this condition, but sometimes the cyst needs to be drained. This can be done by drilling a hole into a tooth and placing a tube into the tooth socket.
  3. Impacted Tooth – this condition occurs when a tooth is knocked loose by accident. The most common place for this disorder is the lower front teeth. Impacted teeth may be detached from their sockets, and can also become painful if left untreated. There are several methods of treatment, including surgery or filling the missing tooth with a replacement tooth.
  4. Misaligned Teeth – this condition occurs when a tooth is not properly aligned in its place, usually as a result of an injury. An impacted tooth can also cause misaligned teeth, or an overbite issue (when the top teeth protrude beyond the bottom teeth). If these conditions are left untreated, they may lead to congestion of the sinuses or can cause headaches. Misaligned teeth can be treated by straightening them with orthodontic braces.
  5. Tooth Injuries Such As Broken Or Chipped Teeth – the way to treat a broken tooth will vary, depending on the extent of the damage. The first thing dentists do is stop any bleeding and protect the area from infection by applying special plastic covers over the breakage. Dentists may also suggest taking painkillers or antibiotics. A dentist may also make a plan for treating or replacing it with an artificial tooth. 


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What Causes Tooth Disorders?

As mentioned before, tooth disorders can be hereditary or spontaneous.

Depending on the issue, many things can cause dental problems. Not taking good care of your teeth can often be the primary culprit. In other situations, you might have inherited the issue or suffered some kind of accident. 

Dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay are caused by germs, high-sugar foods, plaque, teeth clenching and grinding as well as some medical diseases.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tooth Disorders?

The symptoms can vary, depending on the problem. Some of the more common symptoms include

  • Abnormal color or shape of teeth
  • Tooth pain
  • Worn-down teeth

Rare Oral Health Problems

  1. Anodontia:

There are three types of anodontia:

  • Anodontia – The complete absence of all teeth. 
  • Oligodontia – Absence of six or more teeth.
  • Hypodontia – Absence of one to five teeth.

Treatment for Anodontia – The main objective is to properly diagnose the cause of anodontia. A dental radiograph will be taken for this purpose. Sometimes a biopsy can be done to help confirm the diagnosis. The treatment is usually conservative and involves extracting any teeth in the affected area, replacing them with bridges or dentures, and maintaining a healthy diet.

See your local dentist in Carstairs, AB to find treatment plans for anodontia.

  1. Talon Cusps:

The Talon cusp is a dental anomaly also known as an eagle’s talon. It is an extra cusp on an anterior tooth that arises as a result of evagination on the surface of a crown before calcification has occurred.

Treatment: Oral hygiene is extremely important to maintain the health of the gingival tissue. Regular teeth cleaning is important to avoid any build-up of cementum and dental caries. An oral appliance may be necessary during the healing process.

  1. Geminated Teeth:

Tooth gemination is defined as a single enlarged tooth or joined tooth wherein the tooth count is normal when the anomalous tooth is counted as one. It is an attempt of a single tooth bud to divide.

Treatment: Usually only one of these teeth will erupt. However, since they are present in pairs, they both need to be treated. The treatment may vary depending on the extent of the problem. If only one tooth is present, it will most likely have to be extracted. If one tooth appears but the second is located further under the gum line, the second may have to be surgically removed as well. The general dentist might use a laser during surgery if a tissue flap is required for extraction.

  1. Hyperdontia Or Supernumerary Teeth:

Hyperdontia is more common with permanent teeth than baby teeth.

Extra teeth don’t usually cause symptoms. In some cases, extra teeth may need to be removed to prevent the crowding or displacing of other teeth. In other cases, extra teeth may be left alone and observed over time if they’re not causing any problems.

Treatment: There are usually no treatment options for these teeth as they do not cause any harm to the patient. However, since these teeth appear in pairs, one of the teeth needs to be extracted and placed into a dental mallet which will then be reshaped or removed completely.

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