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symptoms of root canal infection

Signs That Indicate You Have A Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection is actually a severe oral problem. This infection can appear when bacteria cover entirely the inner chamber of your teeth because tooth decay is left untreated. People who have a root canal infection must visit the dentist in Carstairs without further delay as it can spread very fast.

When the bacteria slowly reach the soft pulp material of the inner layer of your tooth, the infection worsens. For this kind of condition, the dentist performs a root canal treatment to bring out the infected pulp and then repair your tooth.


But before all of that, you ought to be aware of the signals of root canal infection. This blog emphasizes specially on the warning indications of this condition.

Warning signs of Root Canal Infection

1. Pain

Very intense pain is one of the primary warnings that force the person to call for a dentist’s help when dealing with a root canal infection. The pain grows more if you try to bite down or apply pressure on your affected tooth. Even you may feel tooth sensitivity when you take hot/cold food and drinks.

The pain can also spring up from inflammation of the gums. Your gums may appear reddish and tender caused due to swelling.

2. Tooth darkening

If the inside layer of your tooth is infected, the tooth color may change to yellow or brown. When this infection slowly enters the pulp tissues, they turn dark brown, and that completely converts the color of the tooth. 

While you undergo the procedure of root canal therapy, your dentist will carefully pull out the dying or necrotic pulp material. And after that, he/she will insert the tooth filling

3. Dental abscess

A dental abscess springs up when the bacteria and dying pulp material slowly develop deep pockets. And these pockets get filled with pus within. It makes you feel very weird and also releases foul breath from the mouth. One can notice it through a pimple on the gum or maybe an enlarged or constant red bump. A bad-smelling liquid may also be produced from the abscess.

A Periodontist can bring out the painful abscess and clean the part during the root canal treatment.

4. Chronic bad breath

Any individual who has a root canal infection generally has chronic bad breath. If bad breath still stays even after you floss and brush, then an infection most probably be present.

The bacteria that lead to root canal infection normally generate an odour. This, in turn, releases bad breath and you may experience a bitter taste in your mouth

5. Gum Area Is Swollen

Swollen gums are a sign of complication occurring below the surface. If your gums are in pain or it appears to be swollen or you notice a raised bump, see your dentist without any delay. 

A root canal sometimes is required to solve this issue of inflamed gums.

Get the Help you need!

You need not worry at all if you notice the symptoms of a root canal infection because this issue can be cured with a root canal treatment. 

You can get in touch with Carstairs Dental if you want to receive the best root canal therapy in Carstairs, AB. Our dentist in Carstairs will explain the treatment procedure of root canal therapy in detail and deliver you the top-notch care and comfort that you deserve. We’re just a call away.

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