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Smoking and your health

Smoking – Why You Should Stop Before It Stops You

General Dentists at Carstairs Dental not only care about patients’ oral health but their entire health – and offer support and help when it comes to assisting patients to improve their level of systemic and oral health. Our last blog talked about bad breath – what causes it and what steps you can take to help prevent it. One of the biggest bad breath offenders is smoking – as this unhealthy lifestyle habit causes the mouth to become overly dry – and the contributors to bad breath are smoke particles that are left in the mouth long after the cigarette has been extinguished.


Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Ng are Carstairs Dentists who strive to make patients aware of lifestyle choices that contribute to poor oral health and subsequently overall health. Smoking can wreak havoc on a person’s oral health by drying out the palate and oral tissues which creates the perfect environment for anaerobic oral bacteria to take over the mouth – causing inflammation, destruction of tissue, and potentially the onset of oral cancer. But as we’re focusing on bad breath related to bad breath – the reality is that there are more than 60 aromatic hydrocarbons in tobacco smoke – most of which are carcinogenic and have the other added drawback of being able to create some pretty offensive odours from the chemical film smoke leaves in the mouth.

So what can you do about a smoker’s breath? Well, the obvious solution would be to quit – that way you’re not only addressing the negative effects it has on your breath – but on your health as a whole. But if that suggestion seems like ‘crazy talk’ how about starting with an appointment with your Carstairs Dentist who will perform a dental examination to ensure that there are no signs of oral cancer and suggest a treatment plan that will combat the bacteria in the mouth that is contributing to bad breath and issues with gums and teeth.

The first step in creating optimum oral health is a complete dental exam and cleaning with a hygienist. This is the start of creating a healthy mouth as the cleaning will remove plaque, calculus and food remnants that when left undisturbed contribute to acid formation. The acid creates gum inflammation, erodes tooth surfaces and causes decay, and contributes to mouth odour. Masking bad breath with mouthwashes and mints merely glosses over a potentially more serious condition – so make an appointment today to see a Dentist in Carstairs and discover solutions to address breath issues and smoking cessation.

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