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Teeth Whitening in Carstairs

Do you catch yourself gazing at white smiles – thinking to yourself – how do I get my teeth to look that white and youthful?  Well it’s easy; all you have to do is contact the Dentists at Carstairs Dental to discover just how fast and effective a Home Teeth Whitening kit is.

Teeth Whitening at Carstairs Dental has never been easier, faster, more effective or affordable – and is available to those who want to freshen up their smiles by addressing stains, darkening or yellowing of teeth, or who are getting new dentistry and want to match porcelain to their ‘whiter’ teeth.  Requiring a quick thirty minute appointment for impressions to make custom trays – you can be whitening your teeth in the comfort of your home and noticing the changes to the colour of your teeth after just a few applications.

Manufacturers of Teeth Whitening products put time and energy in to creating bleaching gels that whiten teeth in minimal time without causing extreme tooth sensitivity.  Today’s whitening solutions contain ingredients that buffer the side effects of the bleach and help reduce sensitivity that is often associated with teeth whitening.  Some tooth sensitivity has to be expected when using a whitening kit – it shows that the solution is working – however prolonged or intense sensitivity is not the goal, and can be avoided by starting slow and working up to maximum wear-time.

Dentists at Carstairs Dental love to help patients achieve their dream smilesand sometimes all it takes is a week of teeth whitening to make an old smile look new and youthful.  The use of crowns and veneers can also transform a smile by not only whitening teeth but by correcting tooth shape, length and position.  But not every person needs to go to these lengths to create a healthy smile, as sometimes teeth look dull due to coffee, wine and tobacco – but will whiten up after a few days use of a Home Tooth Whitening Kit.

When is the best time to whiten your teeth? After you’ve had your teeth cleaned by a hygienistDuring a teeth cleaning, plaque and calculus are removed from tooth surfaces – allowing maximum exposure to the bleaching solution and creating the perfect environment to achieve a great result.

If you’ve been thinking of whitening your teeth – now’s the time – contact Carstairs Dental today (403) 337-2332