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Broken Or Loose Fillings? Here Are Some Tips For You To Follow!

Dentists offer you fillings with the purpose to fill your cavities and revive your decayed teeth. Dental fillings are very strong that enable you to chew and grind, just like your original teeth. But at times, these fillings can also break or come loose. 

How Does A Filling Get Damaged?

  • Tooth decay because of  very poor dental regime
  • A severe face injury 
  • Suffering from teeth grinding or clenching habits
  • Suffering from an allergic reaction to filling material (for example silver, mercury, amalgam)
  • Chewing or biting crunchy, sticky, and hard food items 

If you feel that your dental fillings are broken or coming loose or you feel uneasy while you bite or chew, never ignore it. Visit your dentist immediately.


How To Deal With A Broken/Loose Filling?

  1. Ease the sensitivity – The movement of the filling makes that site turn sore, inflamed, or sensitive. When you clean your mouth with a warm saltwater solution, it can give you little relief. You can use clove oil as well. Or you can even apply an ice pack to that site to numb your tooth. 
  2. Do not panic – Always try to remain calm whenever you face any oral emergency issues. There is nothing to worry about as fillings can be reapplied immediately. But do not wait much longer to see your dentist. 
  3. Keep your mouth clean –When the filling breaks or becomes loose, the tooth cavity gets exposed. And because of this reason, it is indeed essential to keep your mouth clean and fresh always. Try to bite or chew from the opposite side of your mouth. Brush properly and clean your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash after every meal. Also, gargle with a good antiseptic mouth rinse.
  4. Call the dentist –If you notice any signals that detect a broken or loose filling, you should call your dentist without any delay. Keep the filling safely with you so that your dentist can decide if it can be reused or be replaced. The dentist may have to prepare your tooth before he/she applies a fresh filling. If you keep it untreated then the condition may worsen gradually and may require a root canal treatment. 


How To Prevent A Filling From Coming Loose?

You should be aware of the fact that dental fillings are not permanent. The durability stays between 2 and 10 years. But you can surely better the structural integrity and longevity of your filling by taking certain precautions:

  • See a reliable and skilled dentist who will apply your filling in such a way that will stay for long. 
  • Avoid biting and chewing on hard and sticky stuff which could spoil your filling
  • Maintain a good oral regimen
  • See your dentist after every 6 months to check the health of your fillings 
  • You can opt for a dental onlay or a crown which is a more durable method for tooth restorations

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