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Tooth Decay – How To Prevent It

Tooth Decay – How To Prevent It

Dentists at Carstairs Dental, on Hammond Street in Carstairs, know all about dental decay.  They admit they’ve had a couple of cavities themselves, and have over the years, helped restore teeth from the destructive nature of tooth decay.  Occurring in both the young and old – dental decay isn’t fussy about whose teeth it attacks – all it is interested in is eating away at enamel and dentin, leaving teeth looking and feeling beaten up and neglected.

Tooth Decay happens when starches and bacteria (plaque) mix on tooth surfaces, producing acid that if not removed with regular brushing and flossing, weakens enamel by destroying minerals.  When the enamel of a tooth has been significantly weakened a soft, sticky spot is left – which is the early stage of tooth decay.

Diagnosing a cavity in its early stage can mean the difference between saving a tooth with minimal treatment or possibly losing a tooth to decay that has not only destroyed enamel, but also the softer inner tissue of dentin, all the way to the nerve of the tooth.


General Dentists at Carstairs Dental focus on educating patients on Preventing Tooth Decay by sharing information that can help reduce the risk of developing a cavity.  This group of Family Dentists explains that tooth decay can be stopped in its tracks with effective brushing and flossing and regular visits to your Dentist in Carstairs for a dental cleaning and exam.

Another step that plays a big role in preventing tooth decay is paying attention to the foods you eat – especially snack food.  Often we forget about the chocolate bar we grabbed on the drive home – or the pop that we sipped on during a morning meeting.

These types of snacks can wreak havoc on our dental health as the high sugar content and lack of brushing afterwards sets the perfect stage for sugar bugs to start the process of tooth decay.

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Even natural juices contain enough sugar to increase the formation of plaque on our teeth – especially in young children who may drink juice throughout the day.  Ensuring your child also drinks water – which helps rinse sugars off tooth surfaces – can help in the fight against decay.  Developing a dental cavity isn’t the end of the world – but it can be easily prevented with just a few steps:

  • Brush and floss daily
  • Limit your intake of sugary snacks and drinks
  • Drink water after a sugary snack if you’re unable to brush your teeth
  • See your hygienist and dentist regularly to ensure any decay is caught in its early stage

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