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Tooth Sensitivity – How To Handle This Common Ailment

Tooth Sensitivity –  Causes and Treatment

Does the thought of biting into an ice cream make you shudder, and does the heat from your morning java sometimes leave your teeth aching?  Maybe even brushing your teeth makes you wince? Sounds like you have a case of tooth sensitivity – a condition that makes many patients, young and old, wonder what can be done about this bothersome, and sometimes painful, condition.

General Dentists at Carstairs Family Dental sympathize with patients who have to deal with mild to moderate tooth sensitivity on a daily basis.  Influencing what patients choose to eat and drink – a sensitivity that is initiated by temperature, sweetness, and acidic food, can put a dampener on meal selection and enjoyment – often leaving patients eating bland, lukewarm food.

Well, there’s some good news – today’s dental procedures and materials are able to make tooth sensitivity a distant memory; restoring not only health to someone’s mouth – but helping to make morning coffee and mealtimes enjoyable events.


At Carstairs Dental Dr. Bhullar, Ng, and Dhillon make a special point of providing treatment options and take-home materials that are specifically designed to address tooth sensitivityCaused or initiated by – Gum Recession – Clenching and Grinding – Dental Decay – a Cracked Tooth – Erosion of Enamel – Teeth Whitening Solutions used too frequently – Poor Oral Hygiene

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing shooting pains and odd twinges in your teeth – from decay around an existing restoration to a daily habit of sucking on lemons (it happens!). Tooth sensitivity can cause extreme discomfort that requires some form of treatment from your Dentist in Carstairs.

How do you treat Tooth Sensitivity? Well if you have been sucking on lemons – stop!  Often tooth sensitivity is a result of daily habits that lead to the weakening of tooth enamel and gum recession.  Not brushing and flossing every day causes plaque to build up on tooth surfaces – which in turn creates lots of acidity on teeth that weaken the enamel.  Over time a cavity can form and/or gums try to pull away from the irritant (plaque) leading to puffy, inflamed gums, and gum recession.

Along with diet and oral hygiene, other habits like grinding, or brushing like it’s an Olympic sport can contribute to tooth sensitivity.  Having a night guard made to help reduce clenching and grinding can help lessen the shooting pain that often accompanies tooth sensitivity.

Sometimes dentistry is required to remove decay, cracks, and other concerns that make a tooth hyper-sensitive.  Don’t suffer from tooth sensitivity as help is available.  Contact Carstairs Dental today and discover just how easy it is to smile at 587-317-4388

Over-the-counter products like Sensodyne toothpaste can improve the severity of tooth sensitivity by blocking the microscopic openings on root surfaces – these openings funnel temperature and other stimuli to the nerve of the tooth, often resulting in sudden pain.  When these openings are blocked – the nerve is protected.

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