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What Situations Require Emergency Dental Services

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies do not always come at a convenient time. Usually, they involve mouth injuries where teeth are shifted out of position or get fractured. Cheeks, gums, and lips may sustain wounds. In the event that a dental emergency happens during practice hours, our dentists can recommend steps you can immediately take before going to the dental office.

It could be difficult to tell whether your situation requires emergency dental services. However, painful injuries should be treated by your dentist as soon as possible.

If your teeth or mouth were subject to extreme pressure or trauma, make sure to see your dentist so they can conduct further examinations. Do not put off seeing a dentist just because you don’t feel any pain or see obvious cuts on your mouth area.


When should you see a dentist?

Every minute is crucial during a dental emergency, especially if kids are involved. Kids may not be able to express themselves well, leaving you worried about the extent of their oral injury.  The sooner you can get to the dental clinic, the better.

Common dental emergencies and how to handle them

  • Knocked out tooth. The goal is to get to the dentist quickly and save the tooth for reattachment. Do not touch the root of the tooth. Keep it moist with your saliva or milk.
  • Chipped or broken tooth.  A broken tooth can still be saved but that depends on the degree of breakage. Let your dentist know more about the accident. If you notice any swelling, use a cold compress on your cheeks for relief. Serious cases may require a root canal treatment while small breaks may be fixed with dental fillings.
  • Cut tongue or lips. Use a cold compress or ice pack to reduce swelling. Try to contain bleeding by pressing down on the mouth area. If bleeding still persists, make sure to go to the dental office right away.
  • Objects stuck between teeth. Do not use any sharp or pointed object in removing the object. Any mistake can cause a cut to your tooth surfaces. Try using dental floss first and make sure to do it gently. If the object still can’t be removed, go to your dentist for professional help.
  • Lost dental crown or filling. You need to see your dentist as soon as possible as delaying may cause further damage to your teeth. For lost fillings, you may cover the cavity with sugarless gum until you see your dentist. Should your crown fall off, or on the other hand, take it to your dentist right away? The exposed nerve can cause excruciating pain. If, for some reason, you can’t see your dentist right away, try to keep the crown in place using over-the-counter dental adhesives.
  • Post-treatment dental emergencies. Should you experience pain or bleeding after receiving dental treatment, let your dentist know immediately. Your dentist may have to conduct an urgent assessment to see if potential problems have occurred.

Emergency Dental Services in Carstairs, AB

Your dentist would be able to determine whether your situation requires emergency dental services. At the end of the day, it’s better to be sure about your oral health. If you have more questions about emergency dentistry in Carstairs AB, you can contact our team at  (403) 337-2332.

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