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When Are Bonded Fillings Recommended: Indications for Choosing This Treatment

Cavities, chipped teeth or fractured teeth are more than just painful. They can also influence other aspects of your life by greatly affecting your mood and health.

Therefore, understanding the alternatives that are available to fix your teeth is essential in helping you make decisions regarding your oral health.

Composite fillings, sometimes referred to as bonded fillings, are an important dental restorative alternative.

In this article, we will dive deep into learning more about it , including an explanation of what they are, how they function, their benefits, and most importantly when it is advised to use them.

By exploring these topics, we hope to arm you with the knowledge you need to have an informed discussion with your dentist and select the greatest course of action for your dental needs.

What Are Bonded Fillings?

Bonded fillings, also known as composite fillings, are a type of dental restoration that is made using resin material and are used to fill cavities or fix dental fractures and wear.

They are called “bonded” because they are carefully bonded to the tooth using a special curing light.

A tooth-coloured composite resin is used as the filling material to precisely match the colour of your teeth to dental imperfections.

Bonded fillings are completely different when compared to conventional amalgam and gold fillings.

While amalgam fillings are resilient and affordable, their silver colour makes them noticeable. On the other side, gold fillings are extremely strong and biocompatible but also very pricey and easily noticeable.

However, because they can be customised to match the colour of the neighbouring teeth, bonded fillings provide a more natural appearance, making them the perfect choice, particularly for portions of the mouth that are visible to everyone.

Advantages of Bonded Fillings

Here are 5 reasons why getting bonded filling at Carstairs Dental is the greatest option for you when getting dental fillings near you:

  1. They resemble your natural teeth

Embedded fillings are undetectable in comparison to other cavity-filling methods, including amalgams, which are significantly visible even from a distance. Thus, it look and feel more natural, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Flexible material

Composite resin is a far more flexible substance than amalgams. This makes it easy to use them for dental fillings and allows dentists to save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible because it involves less drilling and tooth reduction.

  1. It bonds to teeth easily

Composite fillings attach to your natural teeth on a microscopic level. Compared to if they had been filled with another substance, this gives your teeth additional durability and protection.

  1. Hardens Fast

A specific type of light is put in your mouth and positioned over the filling once the filling has been placed into your tooth. As a result of this, the bonding agent’s time to harden is fastened significantly. In most cases, the filling is fully hardened under a minute.

  1. Lasts long

Bonded fillings are not just a convenient method that looks aesthetically pleasing but they also last long compared to other alternatives. They can easily last for 3 to 10 years without even needing for a retouch or replacement.

Indications for Bonded Fillings

Bonded fillings are especially recommended for minor to medium-sized cavities, front teeth restoration, fixing cracked or chipped teeth, and bridging tiny gaps between teeth.

Bonded fillings work the greatest in these circumstances and offer efficient restoration because they are a less invasive treatment for these dental issues.

Bonded fillings perform well in circumstances where maintaining the tooth’s natural appearance is crucial.

They are the greatest option for visible portions of the mouth because of their capacity to resemble the colour and form of real teeth. Additionally, they work well for minor tooth repairs, making them a flexible remedy for many dental issues.

Small to Medium-Sized Cavities

Bonding fillings or composite filling is the greatest dental restoration method for small to medium-sized cavities because they are easy to fill between small cavities and are greatest for people who are afraid of dental work as it requires less drilling.

When you have a cavity the nerves running in your teeth are exposed to various food materials like ice cream and hot tea resulting in sensitivity and toothache. This can be easily cured by using embedded fillings.

Composite fillings can improve your tooth structure. The filling will support the tooth rather than allowing the cavity to further hollow it out. Also, applying a dental filling doesn’t harm your teeth because it’s a temporary fix that needs to be renewed over time.

Front Teeth Restoration

Embedded fillings are the greatest option for front tooth restoration and developing natural aesthetics due to their capacity to mimic the colour of the surrounding teeth accurately.

As a consequence of this, a bonded filling restoration blends in seamlessly and improves the smile without drawing attention to the dental treatment.

This is significant because if you go for other treatments like amalgam or gold, you will have a significant colour popping out of your mouth when you flash a smile, which can be embarrassing sometimes, reducing your confidence in social situations.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Regardless of its size, a chipped tooth needs to be repaired. Even minor damages that appear to have simply harmed your tooth’s appearance, leave it open to other dental complications like decay and infection.

If not treated fast, these small chips can lead to something more alarming and dangerous. Composite filling is the greatest treatment for minor chips because it not only improves the appearance of your teeth but also their function.

The greatest part is composite filling can seamlessly mimic the natural colour of your teeth making it almost impossible for others to notice your dental treatment.

And they can easily be done with a single visit to your dentist compared to multiple visits that are required in treatments like veneers and crowns.

Closing Tooth Gaps

Embedded fillings are a less invasive treatment that can successfully repair minor gaps between teeth. To bridge the gap, a composite resin that matches the natural colour of the tooth is carefully put to the edges of the neighbouring teeth.

The resin is then moulded and polished to create a smooth surface with a natural appearance. This procedure not only fills in gaps but also improves the appearance of the smile as a whole. 

Cosmetic modifications, such as reducing tooth gaps, are critical in producing a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Bonded fillings help achieve the same without any requirement of complex dental procedures and are cost-effective at the same time.


Finally, embedded fillings have numerous advantages, including their cosmetic appeal, tooth-conserving characteristics, and versatility in dental repair.

They are recommended for filling small to medium-sized cavities, restoring front teeth, repairing minor tooth damage, and closing small gaps between teeth.

Understanding these indications will allow you to make a more informed decision in collaboration with your dentists in Carstairs.

To determine if bonded fillings are the right choice for you and for personalized dental recommendations, it is essential to consult a qualified dentist in Carstairs.

They can examine your dental problems, discuss the greatest treatment options, and help you achieve a healthy, functional, and aesthetically beautiful smile.

If you are in carstairs and searching for “dentists near me”. Get in touch with reputable dental professionals from Carstairs Dental by visiting our website for knowledgeable guidance and treatment.