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Wisdom Teeth – Removing These Bothersome Teeth

Wisdom Teeth – or 3rd Molars – are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth.  Erupting between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one – this late eruption, compared to other teeth, has honoured them with the title of Wisdom Teeth – though the trouble they cause some patients may make that name appear to be a cruel joke.

Calgary Dentists witness the discomfort and damage wisdom teeth can inflict; often recommending that Wisdom Teeth be extracted to avoid unnecessary pain and dental issues that can occur years after these molars have erupted.  Evolution is certainly doing its part to try and eliminate the varying problems that are associated with Wisdom Teeth – more and more people are missing these 3rd molars as the body itself may recognize that their presence is no longer needed.


Our ancestors’ large jaws could accommodate all 32 teeth – and teeth were once essential to man’s survival – being used to not only chew a raw diet that consisted of roots and leaves but to catch and consume prey.  The human body has evolved significantly since cavemen roamed the earth – our brains have become larger and our jaws much smaller – diets and cooking methods have expanded – all of which have resulted in Wisdom Teeth being deemed superfluous or a vestigial organ.

But Dentists in and around Calgary can’t rely on mother nature to address wisdom teeth complications; as there are many of us who still have these large molars at the back of our mouths.  Though wisdom teeth erupt during the late teens/early twenties – patients in their forties and fifties can experience symptoms from these teeth – symptoms that present as toothache, pressure in the jaw, headaches, infection, and crowding of other teeth.  Wisdom Teeth can cause dental problems at any age or stage of eruption and require regular monitoring by your Dentist in Calgary to avoid complications.

Wisdom Teeth Removal may be recommended for several reasons:

  • Wisdom Teeth are impacted by bone and will not be able to fully erupt
  • Wisdom Teeth have partially erupted – but are still covered by soft tissue (gum) 
  • Wisdom Teeth are prone to developing decay due to difficulty in keeping clean
  • Wisdom Teeth are at risk of developing infections and periodontal disease
  • Wisdom Teeth are pressing on the teeth in front of them – causing pain and tooth erosion

Calgary and Carstairs Dentists – Dr’s Dhillon, Ng and Bhullar of Carstairs Dental – are General Dentists with experience in Wisdom Teeth Removal.  Providing accurate diagnosis of potential wisdom teeth issues; this Family Dental Practice provides dental care solutions to patients of all ages and welcomes enquiries regarding available dental services.

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