Free Dental Day

Carstairs Dental Patient Appreciation Day was a Huge Success We live in an amazing community which is why everyone here at Carstairs Dental takes such pleasure in giving back. We were able to do this on May 7th with our Patient Appreciation Day. On that day, our dental team happily donated our services to help local residents who struggle to … Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry – Giving You A Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Carstairs Dental located in the heart of Carstairs, on Hammond Street, is a General Dental practice dedicated to providing patients’ with treatment options that focuses on achieving and maintaining optimal dental health.  Dr’s Dhillon and Ng and their teams are passionate about offering dental treatment that helps patients’ attain the smile they’ve always wanted and attain a level of dental … Read More

Orthodontic Care at Carstairs Dental

If you have been considering straightening your teeth, but are unsure where to begin, now is the time for a consultation with a General Dentist at Carstairs Dental.  Creating beautiful, healthy smiles is something Dr. H. Ng and Dr. J. Dhillon take seriously and strive to provide patients with treatment solutions that will achieve the best possible result in a … Read More

Bad Breath – How To Deal With it Effectively

Are you nervous to be in close proximity to other people? And does the thought of having puckering up make you wilt? Sounds like bad breath has a firm negative hold on your life; and is making you anxious and anti-social as a result. Here’s some good news – you’re not alone – bad breath is one of the number … Read More

Smoking – Why You Should Stop Before It Stops You

General Dentists at Carstairs Dental not only care about patients’ oral health but their entire health – and offer support and help when it comes to assisting patients improve their level of systemic and oral health. Our last blog talked about bad breath – what causes it and what steps you can take to help prevent it. One of the … Read More