Bad Breath – How To Deal With it Effectively

Are you nervous to be in close proximity to other people? And does the thought of having puckering up make you wilt? Sounds like bad breath has a firm negative hold on your life; and is making you anxious and anti-social as a result. Here’s some good news – you’re not alone – bad breath is one of the number … Read More

Smoking – Why You Should Stop Before It Stops You

General Dentists at Carstairs Dental not only care about patients’ oral health but their entire health – and offer support and help when it comes to assisting patients improve their level of systemic and oral health. Our last blog talked about bad breath – what causes it and what steps you can take to help prevent it. One of the … Read More

Sedation Dentistry in Carstairs

Does the mere thought of making a dental appointment cause you to break-out in a cold sweat and experience feelings of nausea?  You’re not alone – dental anxiety is a common condition that many adult patients suffer from – causing them to avoid dental appointments for years and often live with discomfort rather than seek dental care. Carstairs Dentists – … Read More

Dental Implants – Worth The Investment

Nothing is more depressing than the thought of losing an adult tooth.  Though baby teeth (primary teeth) are replaced by adult dentition – when it comes to an appropriate treatment plan to deal with the loss of an adult tooth (or teeth) – decisions need to be made.  Carstairs and Calgary Dentists at Carstairs Dental take them time to explain … Read More

Why Dental X-rays Are Needed

Dental X-rays are a vital part of a dental examination as they allow your Carstairs Dentist to diagnose hidden decay, cysts, tumors, and dental abscesses.  With today’s advances in digital technology, dental x-rays have never been easier to capture – and exposure to radiation has been significantly reduced, making this procedure safe and advantageous in the accurate diagnosis of dental … Read More