Wisdom Teeth – Removing These Bothersome Teeth

Wisdom Teeth – or 3rd Molars – are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth.  Erupting between the ages of seventeen and twenty one – this late eruption, compared to other teeth, has honored them with the title of Wisdom Teeth – though the trouble they cause some patients may make that name appear to be a cruel joke. … Read More

Invisalign Braces in Carstairs

Healthy straight teeth are not naturally bestowed upon everyone – but with today’s orthodontic straightening systems, anyone can have the smile they’ve always wanted.  At Carstairs Dental dentists are excited to offer patients the benefits of Invisalign Clear Orthodontic Aligners.  Designed with patients comfort and ease in mind – Invisalign’s trusted technology is able to create beautiful smiles and is … Read More

Orthodontic Braces at Carstairs Dental

Our previous blog spoke about the many advantages that Invisalign Clear Retainers provide patients who want to straighten their teeth.  Though suitable for both adult and teen patients; Invisalign isn’t always offered to every patient, as sometimes the use of an orthodontic bracketing system is the better method for correcting bite and tooth issues. General Dentists at Carstairs Dental acknowledge … Read More

Migraine Treatment at Carstairs Dental

There’s no hiding the fact that Migraine pain can be bad – leaving a person unable to get out of bed, go to work or school, and face routine daily chores.  Often triggered by a range of stimulants from food, noise, environmental pollutants or physiological conditions – Migraine sufferers invariably have to turn to pain medication to control the discomfort.  … Read More

Teeth Whitening in Carstairs

Do you catch yourself gazing at white smiles – thinking to yourself – how do I get my teeth to look that white and youthful?  Well it’s easy; all you have to do is contact the Dentists at Carstairs Dental to discover just how fast and effective a Home Teeth Whitening kit is. Teeth Whitening at Carstairs Dental has never … Read More