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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth is not naturally white. Their actual colour ranges from light greyish to yellow shades as per the Canadian Dental Association.

However, many feel that the brighter their smile, the more inviting it is as well. Unfortunately, food and drinks we consume can leave stains on our teeth. Also, aging can cause our teeth to discolour.

If you want to whiten your teeth, tooth whitening options are now available in dental offices. Note, though, that whitening treatments only work on the natural teeth enamel. Teeth that have already received dental work may not match the whiteness of the natural teeth after the procedure.

Also, teeth whitening treatments are not permanent. You may have to redo the treatment after after a few years, or on a shorter period depending on your lifestyle.

One tooth whitening procedure done in dental offices is bleaching. There are various tooth bleaching products and techniques available to patients. Make sure to talk to your Carstairs dentists first to confirm if the bleaching procedure can match the results you desire.

You can also use a whitening kit from home. This treatment usually requires two dental visits. On the first visit, your dentist makes an impression of your teeth for the custom-made clear plastic trays.

For your next visit, you’ll be asked to try on the trays to ensure proper fitting. You need to wear these trays which come with a whitening solution, overnight or twice a day for 30 minutes. You may experience tooth sensitivity although this should subside once you’ve stopped the treatment.

If you want to achieve a brighter smile and increase your confidence all the more, explore your teeth whitening options with us at Carstairs Dental. Schedule an appointment today.